27 users | 6,086.15 sq. ft.
Shaping the environment of Volvo cars corporate office located in (Irvine California) was a challenge Mobiliti was honored to have. Understanding the culture of a company is our first step with any project. Volvo cars create the most iconic and innovative vehicles on the road today. A company with this reputation and following would require an office environment designed to inspire the Volvo creativity.

Mobiliti, working directly with Volvo needed to incorporate a design that promoted collaboration and teamwork but also valued individual workstations. Using the latest technologies in space planning and furniture renderings our designers were able to adjust the entire office layout in real-time with our client to ensure all areas could be visualized. As this project started to become a reality using renderings Volvo was able to help carve and shape each room into perfection. We at Mobiliti feel very fortunate to have worked alongside Volvo cars to help create the work environment tailored to each individual’s needs.

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