Government Office Furniture

Many people think that government office furniture is universally utilitarian and boring, but it doesn’t have to be when you partner with us. We’re lucky to advertise HON’s partnership with OMNIA Partners and their offerings to the public sector. This partnership is a single source for all workplace furniture requirements, from private offices to training spaces to collaborative areas to archival storage. And our space planners can help you make the most out of your space and your purchases. Get furniture that’s effective, efficient, reliable, and attractive — finance a project with Mobiliti today.

Top Brands At Great Prices

Don’t sacrifice style in the name of saving money. You can get government office furniture from top brands without breaking the bank. We have strong relationships with companies like HONHBF, and Nucraft, allowing us to offer their world-class furniture at the best prices. And the value lasts a lifetime with our lifetime warranty on indoor furniture.

HON is the leader in superior furniture for municipal and government spaces and has a powerful alliance with OMNIA Partners for the public sector. This contract opens the opportunity to leverage the combined purchasing power of over 45 000 government agencies resulting in a savings of at least 50% on every HON order. Save time and money with minimal hassle. You can download the catalog below to get started!


Make The Most Of Your Space

There’s no need to waste space, even if you’ve never studied interior design. Our experienced space planners can help you figure out how to take advantage of every square foot of your municipal office. They’ll help you pick out the best government office furniture for efficiency and looks and arrange it in the optimal layout to get the most out of your space. Our designers are all proficient in AutoCAD, and have multiple tools for visualization, like mockups and virtual reality.

The Complete Package

When you work with Mobiliti, we have it all covered. From giving you the fastest quotes — just a few days, compared to a few weeks — to unparalleled customer service up to and beyond move-in day, we make sure you get the most from your office design experience. Create an office environment that is nurturing and effective, created with longevity in mind. Plan a space with Mobiliti today.