Office Reconfiguration

Sometimes you realize you have new and unexpected needs for your office space. That doesn’t mean you have to completely redesign and refurnish it. Talk to the office design and furniture consultants at Mobiliti who can help you figure out how to reconfigure your office to meet your new needs at a minimal cost. Our expert commercial space planners will be able to help you continue to take advantage of your Mobiliti indoor furniture lifetime warranty.

Save Money

Your current office design and furniture may suffice, but maybe the design is tired and the layout just isn’t working for you anymore. Don’t waste perfectly good pieces just because your company has grown! Make a smaller investment in office reconfiguration and continue to expand with fewer overheads. Our consultants know the furniture catalog inside and out and can work with you no matter what you have and what you need it to do for you now, while still saving you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Office Design And Furniture Experts

Mobiliti’s commercial space planners are all experienced experts who know what they’re doing when it comes to office design and redesign. Each one of them is proficient in AutoCAD, and can use any one of our numerous tools for design visualization, including 3D renders, virtual reality tours, and even full mockups. Trust your layout to be the best for helping you achieve your office goals.

Trust Mobiliti Always!

One of the best reasons to get your office design and furniture at Mobiliti is the fact that all of our indoor furniture has a lifetime warranty, and we offer generous coverage for our outdoor pieces, too. Our long list of previous clients agrees! On top of that, we have unparalleled customer service. And if you do decide you need something new, we have the best furniture prices on the market and can compile quotes in a matter of days. Start a project with us today!