Space Planning And Furniture Consultants

Mobiliti has a wide selection of great furniture options. But that can lead to clients picking great pieces that are wrong for their space, or just getting overwhelmed by the variety. So we’ve created a solution for that, too. Take advantage of our space planning consultants, who can help you figure out exactly what you need and where it should go to maximize your space and create a beautiful and effective office space.

Experienced Designers

Our furniture consultants have expert-level design skills. They’re proficient in AutoCAD and have multiple tools available for design visualization, including 3D renders, virtual reality tours, and mockups. Our team is experienced and proficient in helping you design your new office layout. All of our space planning consultants know what they’re doing, so you know you’re getting the best possible service with experts you can trust.

Finance a Project

The best part of working with our furniture consultants is that the price couldn’t be better. When you finance a project with us, our space planning and consultancy are included when you buy furniture. We just want to make sure that you have the perfect workspace for your company, and we know that starts with thoughtful design. Don’t spend extra money redoing your office in a few years. Partner with Mobiliti, and utilize our consultants instead.

Do It All With Mobiliti

Mobiliti has become many professionals’ go-to furniture dealer for a variety of spaces. We know what we’re doing, we offer the best customer service, and we have the best prices on the market for top-grade furniture. We also carry extremely established brands, like HON and Coalesse by Steelcase. We can even offer a lifetime warranty on indoor furniture, and generous coverage on outdoor pieces. Ask us for a quote, which we can compile in a matter of days, check out our previous clients, or set up a free consultation today!